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Safed Musli Plants

Safed Musli Plants


Shelf Life: 1-2 years
Packaging Size: 25-30 kg
Botanical Name: Chlorophytum tuberosum
Color: Green

One stop destination for the best in class and exceptional assortment of Safed Musli Plants(Chlorophytum Borivilianum); we are a reliable Supplier amidst the customers. Our company has all the necessary logistic resources and connection to make on time delivery of order(s).


More about Safed Musli Plants : We are Experienced Suppliers of Safed Musli Planting material and Dry Safed Musli in India. We provide Growth Hormones for cultivating safed musli of Genuine Chlorophytum Borivilianum and Dry Safed Musli. It is one of the Finest crop to cultivate, which is commercially viable. Safed Musli can be cultivated even by a novice or a lehman who has no experience of farming. With our given literature of ‘Cultivation Techniques’ any person can do Safed Musli cultivation very easily.

Returns/Year : Can be upto Rs.3,50,000/Acre/Year {Approx.}

Marketing/Selling : We purchase and sell the Safed Musli Planting Material as well as Dry material/ Dry Safed Musli. In addition, we provide the contact details of persons engaged in buying of Safed Musli in any form. Buy Back Agreement & other Marketing Facility is also provided for Safed Musli Farming to the growers who associate with us & start.

Yield : With the usage of our cultivation techniques & products, the growers are getting yield upto 6 times (Depending on cultivation methods & other factors at Field). Therefore, you may get a yield of 20-25 quintal Tubers/Acre/Year.

Harvesting : Safed Musli Crop is harvested after the month of March after it becomes fully matured. Therefore, it is a crop of only 9 months.

Storage : It is stored after anti-fungal treatment. It is stored in Sand or Wooden powder. Proper guidance will be provided for storing of Wet material as well as Dry Roots which can be stored for more than a year without any special treatment.

Irrigation : It requires moisture in the soil till the time it is in the soil. On an average after August, we have to irrigate the Safed Musli Field in every 20-22 days {approx.} because till August Rain water does the work itself.

Planting/Sowing Material Requirement :  At least 4 quintal {400 kg} of fresh & healthy tubers of only Chlorophytum Borivilianum variety having crown portion on top is needed for Sowing. Majority of Suppliers/Sellers of Safed Musli Planting Material befool the clients by just supplying them the adulterated Safed Musli Planting Material which then gives only Loss to the Farmers.  Therefore,only Genuine variety Planting material must be purchased.

Manures & Growth Agents : Safed Musli is for human consumption as a Medicine, it is mandatory to use natural or organic products for manure. We have Pack of such marvelous liquids and powders, which increases the yield of crops even being Organic. Growers can try our products in small quantity and can see the difference to believe.

Bed Preparation : Raised beds are required for Safed Musli production to prevent water logging and for the proper development of the tubers.

Time of Planting : Safed Musli Tubers are planted in raised beds in the month of June-August. Initially it was done till July but due to uncertainty of rainy season, it is planted till August also.

Land Preparation :
It is a very important task to be performed before sowing Safed Musli Tubers because as soon as Tubers are planted, they absorb everything from the soil and develop accordingly. Therefore, we have to make our land full of useful nutrients & substances responsible for growth and high yield of Safed Musli.

Safed Musli Meterial Avilable :

  • Safed Musli Planting Meterial
  • Safed Musli Dry
  • Safed Musli Fresh

With a proper network of buyers with us, we are able to provide returns of  the farmers/cultivators who purchase the planting material from us and do farming as per our instructions. The crop/crops under buy back agreement are provided with targeted requirements. We are making farming a business which gives assured profits.


Persons interested in farming with buy back agreement will be entertained only on prior appointment basis. +91-9799931200    


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